Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Us Face to Face -- Part III

We finally got a few more pictures of the members for Part III !

Annie, aka AnnieHowes

Molly, aka ElizabethJewelry -- even tho she's very used to be called Elizabeth, it's actually her daughter's name. :)

Another jewelry designer-- Natalia,aka realisationcreations, modeling her gorgeous necklace and earrings.

Here's Jean-Marie, aka JM or daisycakessoap, serving us her gorgeous handmade soaps!

Cherylline, aka ileaiye. She's also the gorgeous model in her Etsy shop.

Welcome to our new member Laura, aka Prixprix.The photo is taken at a fair in Brooklyn this summer.Her dress matches those cool wallets perfectly.

Finally, today's "freak of the day" picture.Are you ready?

Allison, aka Monkeysalwayslook, and Mr Vivian, the Archduke of Rolando Village. You guessed that right -- she is a proud vegan and animal lover!

To meet more of our members, check out Part I and Part II !


  1. love seeing all the faces, and turtles :) too!

  2. Hi everyone!! Nice to "Meet" my teamies! And Mr. Viv's, too. ;)
    Celeste (Crickets)
    (who only has "normal" pets at home, lol)

  3. Wheeee! We have some lovely looking members! :)

  4. And now to post with the account that I blog with! (too confuzzling) thanks Mollie! :)


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