Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet Us Face to Face--Part II

Aha! You didn't know we have two Afros on our team, did you?Guess who they are--

Before I tell you the answer, let's start with today's member photos..

Here's Celeste,aka cricketscreations.She sells her scarves with her smile..

Look at this sweet picture of Kelly, aka kfarrell.Kelly says, "I am holding a cupcake which I decorated with LEDs in the shape of pac-man. It lights up. Or it did until I ate it." So cute!

This is Dana, aka dlkdesigns..We'll update the picture when Dana finds me a larger picture :)

This is Marianne,aka mpaperarts, heavily photoshopped to make herself look younger..oh, and did you guess that right?She's Afro number one at the top of this post :)

This is me, aka mollie, molly, or muyinmolly , heavily "picassa'd". I'm the one who manage most of the blog posts,and if you want to join our team you need to contact me (or Eleen).If you are interested in learning how to create a photo like this, you can check out my blogpost on Picassa3

btw, I'm Afro #2 :)

Be sure to check out Part I if you haven't, and also come back for Part III !


  1. Ha ha're on a roll today, Mollie! Wonder how I would look in an afro.... ;)

    Hugs and thanks!
    Celeste (Crickets)

  2. hehe, mine was done on
    If you take a look at my facebook photos there's an album full of ridiculous photos I did on that site.It's a lot of fun :D

  3. Love the fros!
    Kelly you look about 12 years old (and I mean that in a good way)

  4. Felice -- thanks for reminding me that--Do we have a minimum age for membership? :P I love that "I've got a cupcake" childlike smile.

  5. you guys should buy can't imagine the mileage you get outta one. I need a new one.


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