Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Married? Plan a Handmade Wedding with FTEC!

Written by papercutsbyjoe

Well everyone, it's that time of the year again. Mud season! Okay, seriously though, it's late winter, which means wedding season is around the corner and things are really kicking into high gear. I was there myself three years ago, and I REALLY wish I had known about Etsy as it would have made our wedding planning so much easier. As a proud member of the Full Time Etsy Crafters (FTEC) team, I am happy to present these gift ideas from our members for your enjoyment. As full-timers we take our work VERY seriously and I can assure you a happy experience from these folk. It's nice to work with real people when you're about five seconds from loosing your mind. I hope these gift ideas can take away some of the stress and help check off some of your to-buy list. Because of the broadness of our team's offerings, I have divided this post into several sections in order of when the event occurs: Before the wedding, Wedding Shower Gifts, Bridal Party and Groomsmen Gifts, and THE BIG DAY items.

Before the Wedding You're going to need invitations to the various parties and the main event, so head over to Earmark Gathering for some great shower and wedding invitations.

Wedding Shower Several months before the Big Day, all your friends and family will gather. Here's some great ideas for party favors and gifts for the Married-to-be:

The Prettiest Ring: Diagram Towels by Girlscantell $20

Fringed Throw Blanket by CricketsCreations $195

50 Custom-labeled Guest Soaps by dennisanderson $100

Glycerin Wedding Cake Soap by Daisycakessoap $3

Fork Picture Frame Holder by Monkeysalwayslook $10

Custom Hand-cut Paper Silhouettes from PapercutsByJoe $40

Custom Sterling Silver Map Cufflinks by dlkdesigns $50
THE BIG DAY- Bride What to wear on the day of your wedding:

Elegant Pearl Drop Earrings by UnkamenWeddings $58

Pearl Jewelry by MuYinMolly $10-$92

Pearl and Crystal Bobby Pins by MarlaJDesigns $25

Veils by MarlaJDesigns $20-$60

Vegan Mineral Makeup by PinkQuartzMinerals $3-$14

Classic Pearl Earrings by South Paw Studios $10

Vintage styled Bridal Earrings by Realisationscreations $21

and here are a few ideas for your Something BLUE...

(in order of appearance) Blue Power pearl & Sterling Silver earrings by MuYinMolly $18 Chevrelle Knit Lace Neck Cuff by Phydeaux Finished $80 PDF pattern $5 Stearling Silver Cabochon Earrings in Blue by ElizabethJewelry $13.95 Light Blue crystal drop earrings by southpawstudios $24

THE BIG DAY- Groom Some great items to bring some character to the groom's attire

Create your own cufflinks kit by AnnieHowes $8.50

Vintage Map Sterling Silver Square Cufflinks by dlkdesigns $50

Thanks everyone, I hope this was helpful, and good luck with all your planning!


  1. WOW!! What a fantastic and comprehensive article; THANK YOU for mentioning my custom order throw blanket as a wedding gift for the newlywed couple!

    Love those "dash of realism" sayings from Earmark!

    My husband and I were married almost a year ago and we're so glad we took the plunge!

    Celeste (Crickets)

  2. What a fantastic article! So many great picks for every step along the way!

  3. Holy moly, that's one great article and some amazing gift ideas right there! As my wife (Crickets)said, we ARE glad we took the plunge! And as for her blanket, I have seen it firsthand before she ever sent it off and all I can say is, "it's gorgeous!" Seriously, I know that is like saying "my kid is the best kid ever", or "my dog is the smartest dog around"! But it's true! (Well, not about my dog or my kid all the time, but definitely about my wife's blanket!!) ;)

  4. Oh, Nicky, you are cracking me up!! If a sense of humor makes for a happy marriage, then we are golden! :D
    Love you,

  5. Love love love this awesome list of wedding goodies. I really need to get re-married (to the same person!) I want a wedding re-do!! :)

    Thank you for including our invitations and print!!!

  6. Wow! Great write-up! Thanks, Joe!

  7. thanks for posting my pearl and light sapphire blue earrings! i have been so out of it lately, I really appreciate someone looking out for me and picking some great bridal stuff! this is a great article!

  8. Awesome one-stop-shopping for all those brides and grooms-to-be! And not your average items either! Love it!


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