Monday, November 23, 2009

Modern Mouse Grand Opening

Finally! Some pictures from Modern Mouse's grand opening on 11/14. Thanks to our fabulous member Marianne of Mae Bee Jewelry for these photos and texts!

Monkeys Always Look markers on these shelves (bought one!). Rachel Austin's artwork (fantastic!) in the corner.

Eleen behind the! All of our biz cards on that table on the left. That's my hubs checking out my bracelets at the counter.

Girls Can Tell yumminess! Prix-Prix wallets on that far shelf! Guys your things are amazing in person!

Eleen's gorgeous bags on the far right wall. Tinysaurs cool tins in the left corner!

All jewelry in those nice white cases next to the checkout counter...Mu-Yin Jewelry, Realisation Creations, South Paw Studios, XO Handworks...together and in person, WOW!

There's Eleen on the right showing off Monkeys Always Look markers!

vodka, yah.

recognize these?! Really pretty in person.

My space in the store. You can see how she's got a display tent for each gallery.

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  1. Thanks for this post, Marianne and Mollie! xox,


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