Friday, July 10, 2009

Member Profile--Monkeys Always Look

Shop name
: Monkeys Always Look (etsy ID: monkeysalwayslook)
Category: Plants, Vintage, Housewares & Jewerly and the Kitchen Sink
Allison D. Cecil is the evil creative genius mastermind behind Monkeys Always Look. Allison has been collecting and creating since she could fill her pockets and shoes with playground rocks and sand to bring home to create realistic moats for her Lego worlds. Now she usually leaves the rocks and sand where she finds them, but still loves digging in the dirt and creating easy to care for succulents in vintage containers. She also finds new ways to create interesting housewares and jewelry from found objects and repurposed flea market finds. From Custom Garden Markers to Stone Necklaces to Vintage Houseware and Beyond, she has created a shop where everything is something you didn’t know you needed but cannot live without.
Special offers: 10% off all orders for blog readers and/or team members .


  1. Great feature! This shop has been a perennial favorite of mine :)

  2. It's quite amazing the way that girl makes jewelry from things that a regular person normally doesn't see as something valuable or useful to create something. I was lucky to find this site after spending hours searching for pharmacies where I can buy Viagra Online.


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